Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Swap Card - Thanksgiving

I just have to share this cute, cute, cute card I received from a swap I was in through the Hero Arts Flicker Group.  The card is from Kelly Booth, in California.  The turkey was colored with Copic markers.  Don't you just love him?  The google eyes are so adorable.  I know I just have to get me some of those Copic markers.  I have been avoiding them, and trying not to think about them, but I'm not doing so well with that.  Especially when I see something like this little turkey guy!!  Gotta get 'em!

                                Swap card from Kelly Booth
If you like to get ideas, inspiration, and sometimes chat online, and enjoy challenges and swaps, think about joining this Hero Arts Group on Flicker.  Just sign up for an account on Flicker (it's free), and then sign up for the Hero Arts Group.  That's it!  You can post your cards and layouts on Flicker if you like, and you can view literally thousands of galleries.  It's fun, fun, fun.  I really enjoy it there.  If you'd like to see my gallery on Flicker, my name there is Joyfulstamper.  And be sure to check the Hero Arts Blog whenever you can, it's chock full of inspiration and great ideas!!

Looooong day at work today.  I disassembled and re-arranged two full book displays, adding some new selections and weeding out the old.  Lots of Christmas books coming into Weggies!!  My book department looks so good now!!  I'm very tired, and hitting the hay early tonight.  But not till after Glee!!  lol.

That's it for now.  If you haven't checked this week's Technique Tuesday, scroll down and check it out. It's all about the details!!



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  1. Hi Lynda...I'm so glad you liked the turkey card...He is always a favorite of mine for Thanksgiving....


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