Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It's Tuesday already, and I'm back with a resist technique using embossing and chalk inks.  On this card, the panel of flowers is the "technique" part.  So, let's get started with how to do it!

Start by embossing the image (in this instance, the row of flowers) with clear pigment ink.  I used VersaMark clear ink on white cardstock.  Apply clear embossing powder and heat until fully embossed. 
Next, begin applying ColorBox Chalk ink to the embossed strip, starting with the lightest color and working up to the darkest color.  I used the Chalk ink Queue (Cat's eye shaped pads) in graduated colors of pinks and deep burgundy. 

The last step is to buff the inked strip with a tissue or paper towel.  This will blend the colors, and clean the ink off the embossed image.  I usually use the tissue after each color, so the blending is smoother.  So, after I applied the lightest, then the next deeper color, I buffed with a tissue.  Then, when I added the third color, I buffed again, repeating this process until I applied the final color.  After all finished, I went back and "touched up" areas where the transition between some colors wasn't as smooth as I would have liked.  I just applied more of the two colors that were next to each other, and blended right away.

That's it.  Once you have your piece inked and buffed, you can use it on a card, scrapbook page, or any paper crafts project.  Here is the card assembly for the card I made with my strip:
-Prepare strip using the above method
-Emboss dot background with VersaMark and clear embossing powder on tan cardstock. Round corners.
-Stamp scalloped border on pink cardstock, attach to prepared (above) strip.  Attach to tan piece as shown. Tie ribbon at seam.  Attach piece to brown card.
 -Stamp For You scalloped circle and attach with foam tape to circle (punch or die cut circle).  Attach to card slightly overlapping strip.
-Stamp graduated dolls and apply to card. Use foam tape on medium and small doll.
That's it!  Easy, peasy!  And fun to do.

Stamps by Hero Arts:  S1583 Dot Background,  CL045 Flower Border (clear set), CL289 Dolls and scalloped border, and For you circle (clear set).


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

It's time for Technique Tuesday, and I'm still trying to get my Christmas decorating, shopping, baking, cards, and wrapping done!!  Christmas is three days away, and I'm nowhere near done.  But, I have decided I'm NOT going to stress about it.  I had a most wonderful month, celebrating my daughter and son-in-law's wedding, am blessed with a loving husband, a beautiful, lively and delightful granddaughter, and a family and friends I adore.  What more is there, really, when you come right down to it?! 

The lights are on the tree, the decorations will go up tonight, most of the gifts are at least purchased, and if I don't get to cookies, oh well.  Don't need the cholesterol anyways!   We are going to Buffalo on Thursday afternoon, to spend the evening with the kids and Keeley, go to Mass with them, and be there on Christmas morning to watch Keeley open her Santa gifts.  After brunch with the kids, we'll come home Christmas afternoon and spend the afternoon and evening at Dan's mom's, with his brothers and sister.

We're hoping to get together with some friends on Saturday, if our schedules all cooperate, and maybe get to spend a day just to ourselves on Sunday! 

As time seems to have gotten away from me, my Technique Tuesday posting this week is my Christmas card for this year.  I wish you, and yours, a very, very Merry Christmas, and a New Year of blessings!



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Technique Tuesday - Money holder cards

I know, I know.  I'm a day late with my Technique Tuesday.   You have to remember, I have had NO Christmas preparations done, as my whole focus these past couple of months has been the big wedding.  Now that it's over, and I've had a little time to recouperate, I have been getting down to the business of Christmas.  You have to understand, Christmas at our house is a BIG DEAL.  I LOVE Christmas.  I love everything about it.  The decorating, the baking, the tree, the songs, the joyful spirit of most folks.  We usually get things kicked off on Thanksgiving afternoon, when the kids come in and help us decorate our tree, then I putz with the rest during the following week.  So, imagine my distress at having NO Christmas decorations, tree, or anything in sight here until this week!!  I have been scrambling to get it all done, and still have LOTS to do, but need to get this post on the blog.

I love this project which is on the Hero Arts Club Blog.  There are directions, and a video, on how to make these cards, which each hold money.  If you are giving money as a gift, these cards are sure to bring a smile to the recipients' faces!  What unique ideas.  Here are a couple of the cards.  Check out the blog http://heroarts.com/blogs/club/2009/12/16/who-said-money-doesnt-grow-on-trees/ for detailed directions and video.

I trust you are enjoying your holiday preparations.  I looked out the window a few moments ago, and it's snowing very heavily here right now, and it looks so pretty.  Yes, we are going to have a white Christmas.

Thanks for all your good wishes for my daughter, Faith, and her husband, Dan, and Keeley.  They are doing great, and love being Mr. & Mrs.  

Blessings and peace to you.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wedding Accessories

I know, I promised some pics of the wedding accessories I made for my daughter, Faith's, wedding last week.  I'm finally back down on the ground, and enjoying a lovely Saturday at home, NOT making wedding things for the first time in a loooooong time.  But, I have to say, I loved every minute of it!

So, here goes.  Can't figure out this spacing thing....It looked good when I typed it, but when I pressed publish, all this spacing happened, and I don't know how to fix it.....so you need to scroll down a lot to see all the pictures...just keep scrolling to the very end.  There are nine pictures, then a final paragraph.  First, there were the shower invitations:

Our Rochester shower:                 


 Faith and me at Buffalo shower

Shower favors

Card box for wedding - poor picture, black satin and velvet flocking, flowers and feathers on top, with slot in front for inserting cards.  Thinking of going on Etsy to sell my card boxes and garters....by encouragement and "pushing" from said daughter....

the garter le elegance....

Oh, and one last picture....Faith in her dress on the day she bought it....BEFORE the wedding...stay tuned for actual wedding pictures FROM the wedding...to be posted when they are available.  She had some alterations made on the dress, which was gorgeous to start with....but made it even more "Faith-like" when done, and just stunning.  I think she was a stunning, gorgeous, and radiant bride....but then, I'm the mom!  They made such a perfect couple....and everything was so fun, so gorgeous, and so THEM!  


Well, that's it for this post.  As I said, I will post a link to pictures from the wedding as they become available.  You really have to see the alterations to this dress.

Thanks for bearing with me these past few weeks.  NOW, I really need to get some Christmas decorating done, not to mention cards to make!!!!!

Joy and blessings,


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Today was a busy day, with a dental cleaning at 8 AM, Prayer Shawl Group from 10 until noon, then a tea party at my friend, Sylvia's.  I just sat down after dinner to check my emails, etc. from the weekend away (yesterday I went to bed shortly after work, catching up from all the partying), and thought about Technique Tuesday.  I'm making it easy on myself again this week, with this adorable card purse I found on Split Coast Stampers site.  It is a set of note cards and envelopes inside a sweet card purse, and is a creation of Jodi Collins.  I thought it was just so sweet, and just in time for holiday gift giving. Who couldn't use a few cards for sending out quick notes or thank you notes, especially this time of year.  What a thoughtful and perfect gift to make and give.  The directions are very clear, with pictures, and even a video, so you can see step by step how this is constructed.  I was thinking of all the occasions I would like to make these for....birthdays, Easter, even favors for a small party, and, of course, Christmas.  I know you will enjoy making some of these.  Here is the link to the tutorial with full directions by Jodi:

I survived my daughter's wedding Saturday, and am home enjoying the relative quiet and stress-free environment until the next big event!  It was an absolutely beautiful wedding, and Faith made a radiant bride, and Dan a very handsome groom.  We had so much fun, and enjoyed every moment.  It just ended too soon after all those preparations.  It seemed like a fairy tale that I didn't want to end!  I will post some pictures when they become available.  I posted the picture of the card box and garter that I made on my Flicker stream, and you can click on it to take you there (scroll down until you see my Flicker stream on the right).  I did notice some wedding pictures on Facebook, so if you look on my Facebook page, you can see what some of the girls have posted there.  Everyone was commenting how lovely everything was, and what a great time they all had.

I think it's going to take me a few days to catch up on the sleep I missed Saturday night from all the partying (can't handle it like I used to), but it was so worth it.

I will be back into the swing of things soon, and posting more often now that the wedding is over.  Now I have to start thinking Christmas!!!!!  I'm so far behind.  I know what I'll be doing this weekend!!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Technique Tuesday - Photo Tags

OK, so I'm making my blog posting easy on myself this week, as I can't seem to focus on much else but the wedding at this point.  Only four more days!!!!

So, today's blog post is about gift tags....more specifically, photo gift tags.  They are featured on today's Hero Arts blog, and they are just fabulous.  And, just in time for Christmas gift wrapping.  I will definitely be making some of these (after the wedding).  They are charming, pretty, and look easy to make.  Here's the link to the Hero Arts blog and the posting about these awesome gift tags:


I've included some of the pictures here on my blog, but there are more on the Hero Arts blog, along with directions.                                                                                          And, be sure to sign up for the drawing for a free set of Hero Arts stamps while you are there.  It's free to sign up, and you just might win!                                                                                                That's it for today.  I hope you enjoy the Hero blog with the tags.  There is more coming in their blog tomorrow....more tags and ideas, so be sure to go back.  Better yet, if you haven't signed up yet, sign up for the Hero Arts blog.  You will be notified when they post each time.  There are some great ideas there, and every week there are giveaways, and a challenge each week.  Very inspirational!
I'll be back on my blog after the wedding Saturday, and hope to post before Tuesday.  But, if I don't get to it, I will be back with Technique Tuesday next week.

Enjoy your week!