Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Card - A Friend Loves At All Times

I felt a little better today...fever is gone, but I'm still  achey all over, and a little sick, but somewhat better.

I actually sat and made a card, so I'm posting it quickly before I go back to my "sick nest" on the couch.

I will write more in a day or so.  In the meantime, you can check out my article on my Journey Through Autumn blog at http://journeythroughautumn.blogspot.com/ .  I tell you how you can get FREE digital magazines on your ipad, computer, or iPhone or kindle from your library!

If you have not seen my previous post, scroll down for details about my Zen Doodling class at the Greece Public Library in March....it's free, and fun. I'd love to see you!  Just call or stop in at the library to sign up.


Friday, February 22, 2013


This is my first post from my ipad, and I'm thrilled that I figured it out!  I just finished a "doodle" for an accent on my coffee nook.  It's sort of like a card, but without being a card....it's just to put on the shelf or wall.  I started by drawing a coffee cup outline, then filled it with doodles.  I have been enamored with the Zen Tangles for a few years now, and find that doing them is very relaxing.

Here's a picture of my coffee cup doodle:


I did the coffee cup on white card stock, then filled it with my own doodles.  Then I distressed it with distress inks and die cut the layers.  I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder on the tan layer, then distressed the raised areas.

If you haven't seen my coffee nook, you can can check it out here:  www.journeythroughautumn.blogspot.com

If you would like to learn more about doodling, I am teaching a class at the Greece Public on Tuesday, March 12 at 6:30-7:30 pm.  The class is free....just call the library at 225-8951 to register and reserve your spot.


Friday, February 15, 2013

The last card from last weekend!   I still have a tiny bit of the paper left, so I have to plan a trip to Hobby Lobby to get some more.  This is another ten minute clean and simple card.  

Sometimes less is more, as in this card.  A definite veer from my usual fuss and frill, but every once in a while its fun to break out of your comfort zone, so to speak.

Tomorrow I'll be spending the day stamping at the swap, so I'm sure to have more cards to post soon.  Stop back and check in soon.



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Simple Thank You Card

Keeping it really simple with this clean and simple thank you.  More of that fabulous background paper, a couple of die cuts, an embossing folder for the different thank yous, and some pearls.  I just swiped the green stamp pad over the raised letters to give them more "umph."  Literally a ten minute card!  

Day five and card six.  One more card tomorrow, then another weekend of stamping for more!  Stop back tomorrow for another sympathy card.



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Simple Card To Express Sympathy

When it comes to expressing sympathy, there is nothing like a hand-crafted card to convey thoughts of caring and love.  Taking the time to choose just the right colors for comfort, design for simplicity and cohesiveness, and overall feel of the card shows how much you care. 

I chose green for this card, as greens and blues are cool colors, and convey peace and tranquility.   I kept it ery simple, and the inside is very basic as well.  I leave a little room for a hand written note.

Hope you enjoyed card five of my stamp-fest.  Come back tomorrow for card # 6!



PS - My Words With Friends game continues with my granddaughter, Keeley.  She's really good at it!  She really thinks she's something playing with her Nana (me) who is over 90 miles away!  Faith said that she looks at all the triple and double letters and tries to make words to go on them, so she's already figuring out the strategy!  Keeps me on my toes, that one!  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You Are A Treasure Card

This is one of my favorite verse stamps.  I pulled it out while making my cards over the weekend, and thought I'd use it.  It's good to remind myself and others about how much He loves us!

Hope you like this one.....I love the colors.  Just lots of papers layered, some distressing, a couple of punched flowers with the petals curled and raised, and some pearls to finish it off.

I love technology....I'm playing Words With Friends with my 8 year old granddaughter on my ipad, talking to her via email, writing my blog, and just got off the phone.  Talk about multitasking!!!  lol.

Stop back tomorrow for card # 5!



Monday, February 11, 2013

Card Three of my Weekend Stamp-Fest

I'm back with the third card of my stamping weekend.  I'm really enjoying this green patterned paper for backgrounds!  I rounded the corners on two of the corners, and distressed the edges of the background paper and the die cut.  Colored the flower with Copics.  Green pearls finish off the elegant look.  Yes, I did stamp the inside as well!  Just didn't take a pic of it.  Haven't figured out pictures with the ipad yet, and how to get them on the blog.  Hope I'll get it soon!
I'll be back tomorrow with card # 4!



Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's All About The Paper

When I sat at my craft table to do some stamping today, I knew I needed to make some sympathy cards, thank you's, and thinking of you's.  Looking through my stash of paper (a very daunting task, indeed, if you knew how much paper I have), I was drawn to a soft green and white paper I picked up at Hobby Lobby a couple of months ago.  I actually purchased two sheets of this paper to try something with my shelves in my living room.  On either side of my front living room window there are bookcase-like shelves.  I had painted the 'back' of each shelf green, and the actual frame of the shelf stucco to match the trim.  Here's a picture of the shelves so you have an idea what I'm trying to say here.  Long story short, I bought the paper to decoupage the backs of the shelves (where it's painted green now).  When I got home, however, I discovered the paper was too small.  Note to self...make note of measurements and keep in purse.

Well, I love the paper, so decided that this was the day I was going to use it.  I pulled out some other paper from my stash that I felt coordinated nicely, and busied myself happily for the rest of the day making cards.  I am posting two of the cards here today, and the rest during this week, so be sure to stop back.  I made seven cards, so I have enough for every day this week, and plan to post one each day.

Here are today's cards:

For this thank you card, I started with a white card, and layered the green patterned paper on the front.  Then I added strips of the peach/white/pink/green papers, some lace (shows up a lot better in person), ribbon, flowers, pearls, and a stamped Thank You.  I even stamped inside ALL my cards today!  Didn't photograph the insides, however.  

The thinking of you card started out with a green card, layered with the green patterned paper, a strip of the peach, a stamped sentiment on scalloped circle, a strip of striped paper pleated into a circle, some pearls, sponging, and that's it.  

More to come tomorrow, and each day this week, so stop back.  

I got a new ipad mini last week, and am neck-deep in self-teaching about all it's capabilities and how to use the thing.  I took some great pictures with it (much better than these that I took with my camera), but have not figured out how to get them from the ipad into the blog.  I can create the blog on the ipad, but cannot figure out how, or even if it's possible, to get the pictures from my photos into my blog!  So, I'm doing it the old way, on my laptop. I took the pics with my camera, downloaded them into my iphotos, and grabbed them from there.  Problem is, I must have been a little shaky, as there's some blurring.  

If anyone blogs and knows how to go about it from the ipad, PLEASE let me know.  I appreciate any help I can get.  I did get the Blogger app, but that doesn't offer any ideas on how to do it.

The weekend is winding down now.  I accomplished a lot, and now I'm getting ready to relax for the evening.  Hmmm....do I want to knit, or read.  Or maybe even do some writing.  Or just plain sit and watch some mindless tv.  Oh, the options.  Right now, I think I'll play with my new toy for a while and try to figure out one new thing on my ipad.  One step at a time and it doesn't seem so overwhelming.

See you right here, tomorrow!