Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Using Crystals and Gemstones on Cards and Pages

Hello from Buffalo, where, believe it or not, it's about 55 degrees!!!!  Yep, it's almost Thanksgiving, and we're having early October weather.  Rainy, but mild.  It was a wet walk to the corner for Keeley's bus this morning, but we made a game of dodging the raindrops. 
I'm enjoying my time with daughter and family, especially the wee tiniest one, and, of course, her big sister.  Mom is doing better each day, and Kennedy is growing, and becoming extremely spoiled by her nana and papa!!  I'm having a really hard time letting her be and not holding her all day!!  Keeley is at school now, and Faith went to doc's get her stitches out (good thing I brought hubby along, cuz' I don't like driving on the skyline in Buffalo)!  I have the wee one to myself, and am taking a little time to do my Technique Tuesday while she is sleeping.  I'll be back to holding her sooooooon!!

One more week of "borrowing" techniques (even though they are techniques I use), while I'm in Buffalo helping daughter with her new bundle and her 5 year old big sister.  I love crystals and gemstones, and use them on almost everything.  Here's a video by Nancy Taylor from the Hero Arts blog, which shows some ideas on using these little embellishments on you cards and scrapbook pages...here' the link http://heroarts.com/learning/technique.cfm?techID=183 .

Here are some of my cards and pages using these techniques:
 There you have some of my cards and pages that use crystals and/or gemstones/pearls.  As far as Nancy's techniques for lifting and attaching the gemstones, I love the idea of using the craft knife.  I usually use my tweezers, but I am going to give the knife a try.  Also, I have some crystals with no sticky back.  For those, I use the glue pen, put down a tiny puddle of it, then lift the crystal onto it.  Works like a charm!
That's it for this week.  I hope to be back on schedule after next week, once mom and baby and family are settled into routine and stronger.
Blessings & peace,

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  1. Great cards and isn't it wonderful to snuggle up your grand-babies!!! Mine are all getting big on me. The youngest turned 2 the end of September so he doesn't want to cuddle! I have to beg a little love off of him! Enjoy it!


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