Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Technique Tuesday - Layered Window Card

It's HOT, hot, hot outside, and my craft room is even hotter!!!!  So, I dug through my archives and came up with this card, which features a layered window treatment.  I remember this gorgeous giraffe, which I had made a couple of different cards from.  The other card I embossed the giraffe in black, then colored the giraffe with markers and a Dove blender for a deep-color effect.  But, I digress....here's this week's card:
The main card is an ivory card, with a rectangle window cut into the right side.  The amber card stock panel, which I stamped with the lion and zebra postage stamp images, was cut 1/4" smaller all around than the ivory card.  Then, I cut the window 1/4" wider than the window I cut into the ivory card.  I then adhered the panel to the card, and voila!  A layered window was born!
The giraffe image is actually stamped on ivory text weight paper, the size of the card minus 1/4" all around.   I folded the text weight paper in half, adhered it to just the back panel of the card, then stamped the image through the window onto the paper.  I then added some sponging, using a rectangle mask, as I didn't want the stark white of the paper showing through the window.

This next image is a little fuzzy, but shows the window, with my finger through it, and the shadow I created with the mask, as well as the image on the inside sheet of paper.                                
That's it for tonight.  Many of you know, I'm NOT a summer heat type person.  I much prefer the cool days of fall, and don't even mind winter as much as I really dislike the hot weather.  I'm MUCH too uncomfortable, and just get miserable.  I'm one of those that, when everyone was complaining of the cold and snow this winter, I didn't complain.  Everyone said they weren't going to complain this summer, but I knew I would, and I am.  Air conditioners have been running non-stop, and hardly making a dent in the heat!  

I'm so glad for the air conditioning at the office!  Don't even mind going in to work.  I'm actually loving my new job...it's very interesting, and there's always so much going on in the church office.  There's lots to do, but it's also a fun atmosphere.  I still have MUCH to learn, but it feels like I'm starting to grasp some things.  Long way to go, but I'm getting there.  I wrote my first "staff time," an article for the front page of the bulletin.  Everyone on the staff writes the front page article, taking turns each week.  I was elected to write last week's article.  

Well, hubby's home, so I'm off to chat with him a while, then into a nice shower!  Gotta cool down some way!


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