Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birthday Card With Markers and Dove Blender

Tombow Markers and Dove Blender 

Here's a blast from the past!!!  I love this giraffe stamp, and have had it for years.  I taught a class on coloring with markers a few years ago at The Stamp Pad, and used this stamp. 

The stamp is from The Artful Stamper.

I embossed it with black on white card stock.  I used Tombow markers.  Starting with a creamy light beige, I colored along the middle of the face (nose and forehead, along the outside of the ears, and along the right side of the neck. 

To create shading, I added a shade darker next to the creamy light beige, then blended the two with the Dove blending tool and Dove Blender Fluid.  The fluid in the Dove blender mingles the two colors so there is a soft, gradual fading from one color into the next. 
Close up of coloring and shading
Finally, I ended with a much deeper shade of topaz along the left side and the outsides of the face and insides of the ears, and the horns.  Using the Dove blender, I blended the dark shade into the medium.  I used a much lighter shade to create a shadow effect along the outside of the giraffe image. The torn edges and the fibers finish off the masculine look of this card.
This is a terrific card for a man.  I tend to make lots of girly, flowery cards, then never have masculine ones around when I need one.  Think I'll make up a couple of these to have on hand for those guys in my life.


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  1. I love how you colored that giraffe. So rich and pretty.
    Hugs and smiles


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