Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's All About The Paper

When I sat at my craft table to do some stamping today, I knew I needed to make some sympathy cards, thank you's, and thinking of you's.  Looking through my stash of paper (a very daunting task, indeed, if you knew how much paper I have), I was drawn to a soft green and white paper I picked up at Hobby Lobby a couple of months ago.  I actually purchased two sheets of this paper to try something with my shelves in my living room.  On either side of my front living room window there are bookcase-like shelves.  I had painted the 'back' of each shelf green, and the actual frame of the shelf stucco to match the trim.  Here's a picture of the shelves so you have an idea what I'm trying to say here.  Long story short, I bought the paper to decoupage the backs of the shelves (where it's painted green now).  When I got home, however, I discovered the paper was too small.  Note to self...make note of measurements and keep in purse.

Well, I love the paper, so decided that this was the day I was going to use it.  I pulled out some other paper from my stash that I felt coordinated nicely, and busied myself happily for the rest of the day making cards.  I am posting two of the cards here today, and the rest during this week, so be sure to stop back.  I made seven cards, so I have enough for every day this week, and plan to post one each day.

Here are today's cards:

For this thank you card, I started with a white card, and layered the green patterned paper on the front.  Then I added strips of the peach/white/pink/green papers, some lace (shows up a lot better in person), ribbon, flowers, pearls, and a stamped Thank You.  I even stamped inside ALL my cards today!  Didn't photograph the insides, however.  

The thinking of you card started out with a green card, layered with the green patterned paper, a strip of the peach, a stamped sentiment on scalloped circle, a strip of striped paper pleated into a circle, some pearls, sponging, and that's it.  

More to come tomorrow, and each day this week, so stop back.  

I got a new ipad mini last week, and am neck-deep in self-teaching about all it's capabilities and how to use the thing.  I took some great pictures with it (much better than these that I took with my camera), but have not figured out how to get them from the ipad into the blog.  I can create the blog on the ipad, but cannot figure out how, or even if it's possible, to get the pictures from my photos into my blog!  So, I'm doing it the old way, on my laptop. I took the pics with my camera, downloaded them into my iphotos, and grabbed them from there.  Problem is, I must have been a little shaky, as there's some blurring.  

If anyone blogs and knows how to go about it from the ipad, PLEASE let me know.  I appreciate any help I can get.  I did get the Blogger app, but that doesn't offer any ideas on how to do it.

The weekend is winding down now.  I accomplished a lot, and now I'm getting ready to relax for the evening. I want to knit, or read.  Or maybe even do some writing.  Or just plain sit and watch some mindless tv.  Oh, the options.  Right now, I think I'll play with my new toy for a while and try to figure out one new thing on my ipad.  One step at a time and it doesn't seem so overwhelming.

See you right here, tomorrow!



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  1. Hi Lynda---LOVE the colours on your cards and love the Thank you card --- butterfly paper is cute. Thanks for sharing! Candee P


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