Saturday, April 26, 2014

Textured Effects With Inks

It has been a long week as I have been trying to recoup from bronchitis. I still have a killer cough and aches, but getting better slowly.  Since they didn't want me spreading germs at work, I've been home much of the week.  As a church secretary, there were a few times I had to go in for a few hours to make sure the bulletin was finished and published, and the right things were finished and in the right place for weekend liturgical ministers and priests.  But other than that and the fact that all my body wanted to do was sleep, I actually found some energy to play a little in my craft room.  Surfing the internet during the 'too sick and too tired to do much' time, I found some interesting stamping techniques and more to try.
In this post, I wanted to try a technique I found on Jennifer McGuire's post. It uses.nylon mesh with a stencil to create a faux texture.  Jennifer's post with a link to her utube tutorial is here:
Here is the card I made using this technique:

I really enjoyed this technique.  The stencil is one that I won from a MagentaStyle challenge from some of their fabulous new line.  That little glass-like flower I made from plastic I recycled from a piece of plastic from a die packaging!  Come back tomorrow for a post on how I did that...I had so much fun making those.
I checked Home Depot for the nylon screening, but didn't want to purchase the whole huge roll just for this technique.  As luck would have it, a handy-man friend of ours had some in his garage he was going to get rid of....very good timing on my part!
That's it for tonight.  I'm getting sleepy, and this cough is getting to me.  Come back tomorrow!


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  1. This card is wonderful! Love this stencil, what you did with it is beautiful!! Did you know you are on the Magenta blog, they posted your card...and mine too. Great technique, would love to try this too. Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.


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