Saturday, May 3, 2014

Throwback Stamping Techniques

Lately there has been a lot of "throwback" activity on Facebook.  I haven't gotten into it on FB, but it seems I've gone throwback with stamping techniques this weekend.
In my last two posts, I revisited direct to paper inking.  Scroll down to check those out if you like.  Today's card involves not only direct to paper on the main image, but also distressing a book page, and for the background a technique with grocery paper bags, and finally dying seam binding....see this post for seam binding technique of these techniques only go back a couple of years, while others have been around at least twenty years!
The main background of his card was done on the paper bag.  I just took a paper bag and wadded it up to get it good and wrinkled.  You want lots of creases in it.  Then I flattened it out, and used foam applicators to apply acrylic paints. Just add some colors that go well together to create a pleasing collage of colors.  I like adding some metallic paint as well, like the gold I added to his background.  When it is dry, you have some gorgeous backgrounds to use for cards, journals, boxes, any paper craft project.

Now I'm off to church, then a Cinco de Mayo party!
Blessings friends,

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