Thursday, February 19, 2015

Zentangle Tile Huggins

It wasn't until I looked at this finished tile that I realized how stressed and frustrated I was today!  I run my church's Lunch & Learn senior ministry, so did that this afternoon for a couple of hours. Other than that little reprieve, the rest of the day I spent trying to navigate the New York State of Health waters.  I got dropped three times and had to call back and start all over small feat considering the hyroglyphics you have to go through just to get in the queue...then there's the infernal wait.  As I said, I was dropped and hung up on three times, got passed from person to person several times.  Given entirely wrong information, and in the end my issue was not resolved.  It has to go to their "superiors" for consultation!  Really?!  Our tax dollars hard at work!
So, I did what I love to do to relieve tension and anxiety..Zentangle.  This is what emerged.....
Yep...definitely working out some issues here!  I did feel a whole lot better when I was finished, however.'s another one for the Huggins tangle on the Facebook Square One: Purely Zentangle group.
Hope you enjoy!

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