Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Zentangle Journal Page

Day six into a nasty stomach bug, and I'm just beginning to see a faint light at the tunnel's end.  I spent much of the day water coloring panels that I had stamped, since I'm still not up to much of anything involving, well, any kind of compositional creativity, or thinking, or....moving much from the couch!

So I decided to finish a page that I had started in my Zentangle journal.  I tangled the page a while back, and started coloring it with Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils when our grand girls were here during the February break.  They love to tangle with Nana, and do very well!
It's difficult to get a good picture, as the journal is a large sketch book, and to get the entire picture, I could not get a close picture.  I decided on rainbow colors.  The tangles are Flowerly and Meringue, with some circles here and there.  It was a fun tangle project, and kept me occupied for a while this afternoon.  

I am adding this page to the The Daily Marker 30 Day Color Challenge.  I missed days one and two, due to the aforementioned bug, but I posted a set of cards yesterday, and this today.  Hopefully I will be able to participate the rest of the days.

Thank you for visiting.  I hope to see you tomorrow!




  1. Hi Lynda, sorry to hear you've been sick. You Zentangle is beautiful, I love the rainbow colors. You are such a talented lady. Feel better.

  2. Wow these flowers looks so so pretty. Love the coloursand your design

  3. Gorgeous explosion of color! Thank you for participating in the 7th - 30 day coloring challenge!!!


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