Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Comfort Zone

Today is day three of World Watercolor Month.  I played in my journal today.  The prompt on the World Watercolor Facebook Group for today is 'Primary Colors.'  Red, yellow, blue - but I needed to add a bit of green for my leaves, which is, technically, a secondary color.
I had fun with this.  I'm definitely outside my comfort zone on this.  I use watercolor a lot on stamped images for cards.  I had dabbled a teensy bit a few years ago with watercolor painting.  Now, I have a desire to get into it on a deeper level.  But I am a control freak, so watercolor is a challenge for me.  It has it's own mind, so I'm learning it's ways.  I decided I would combine watercolor with something I AM comfortable with...doodling!
Thanks for visiting today.  If you have a chance, do hop on over to the World Watercolor Facebook Group  and check out the amazing talent there.  I'm definitely out of my league.  But, then, that's the challenge, and that's the fun.  And I can only grow from it!


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