Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Today was a busy day, with a dental cleaning at 8 AM, Prayer Shawl Group from 10 until noon, then a tea party at my friend, Sylvia's.  I just sat down after dinner to check my emails, etc. from the weekend away (yesterday I went to bed shortly after work, catching up from all the partying), and thought about Technique Tuesday.  I'm making it easy on myself again this week, with this adorable card purse I found on Split Coast Stampers site.  It is a set of note cards and envelopes inside a sweet card purse, and is a creation of Jodi Collins.  I thought it was just so sweet, and just in time for holiday gift giving. Who couldn't use a few cards for sending out quick notes or thank you notes, especially this time of year.  What a thoughtful and perfect gift to make and give.  The directions are very clear, with pictures, and even a video, so you can see step by step how this is constructed.  I was thinking of all the occasions I would like to make these for....birthdays, Easter, even favors for a small party, and, of course, Christmas.  I know you will enjoy making some of these.  Here is the link to the tutorial with full directions by Jodi:

I survived my daughter's wedding Saturday, and am home enjoying the relative quiet and stress-free environment until the next big event!  It was an absolutely beautiful wedding, and Faith made a radiant bride, and Dan a very handsome groom.  We had so much fun, and enjoyed every moment.  It just ended too soon after all those preparations.  It seemed like a fairy tale that I didn't want to end!  I will post some pictures when they become available.  I posted the picture of the card box and garter that I made on my Flicker stream, and you can click on it to take you there (scroll down until you see my Flicker stream on the right).  I did notice some wedding pictures on Facebook, so if you look on my Facebook page, you can see what some of the girls have posted there.  Everyone was commenting how lovely everything was, and what a great time they all had.

I think it's going to take me a few days to catch up on the sleep I missed Saturday night from all the partying (can't handle it like I used to), but it was so worth it.

I will be back into the swing of things soon, and posting more often now that the wedding is over.  Now I have to start thinking Christmas!!!!!  I'm so far behind.  I know what I'll be doing this weekend!!



  1. Hi-ya! Lynda!
    Just wanted to drop in and say hello!
    Love your project you did! So simply adorable!! Love the penguin stamp!Too cute!!
    I got a penguin stamp that I made a tag of. Check it out!

  2. Hi Yaneri,
    Thanks so much for your comment. I did not make this purse, however. I found it on Split Coast Stampers website, and just loved it. I'm back in the loop now, and will be making/posting more often. I'll be over to check out your postings.

  3. Glad the wedding went well! Love this card purse- thanks for the link!!


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