Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crystals and rhinestones - Cards and pages with bling!

I have a "stash" box (or two or three) of stamped pieces, background pieces, technique sample pieces, well, you get the idea.  These are things I made lots of, as in the case of backgrounds and/or technique samples, perhaps for a demo or class, or just because I like playing and can't stop when I'm having fun with an idea or technique.  Some of the items in the boxes are stamped things, like images of something I like, or a stamp I used when stamping with a friend and borrowed her stamp to make a bunch of images to "use later."  Sometimes, when I'm stamping something, I'll often stamp two, and stash the extra in the box.  Or, I'll stamp something, then get another idea and decide to can the image, in, which case, it goes in the box.  So, needless to say, these boxes get quite full after a while.

Last Friday I got together with a friend to stamp and/or scrapbook.  I was having one of those days where my mojo was gone, MIA, non-existent!!!!  No mojo to be found....anywhere.  Karen was happily scrapping away, pumping out page after page, and there I sat, fidgeting, starting and stopping, tearing up stuff I started, thumbing through magazines, just basically wasting time.  I couldn't get an idea to save my life!!!!  YES, IT DOES, DOES, DOES happen to me!!!!

Then I decided to check out one of my boxes.  I figured I might as well just pull out an image or two and at least color it.  I could still color, even if I couldn't make a creative move due to my mojo-lessness!

 Out of the box came this adorable little girl.  I had six of them stamped on a sheet of white cardstock.  I cut one out, and proceeded to color it with my Prismacolors (colored pencils).  As I colored, a funny thing happened.  I really got into it, and started thinking of ways I could use this little girl on a card.  I chose bright colors, and went to town.  All the while, the wheels were turning.  Turns out, all I needed to do was to start doing something, then the ideas started to come.  After I got her colored, I cut her out, then started picking out colors for papers for a card.  By now, Karen was getting curious, and I was finally in my mojo.  I trimmed, and punched, and shifted the pieces, playing with the arrangement, placing embellishments.  Then, it was finished!  I had to give a couple of the images to Karen, and went home with the rest, one of which will soon be on a scrapbook page of Keeley.  I could just see her on a page with Keeley playing dress-up with her mom's heels and purses, and jewelry!

Here's the card:
 And now for the secret I told you I would reveal today.  Those rhinestones started out as clear crystals, and I dyed them pink and green.  How?  With my Peel Off markers!!!  That's right, just color right on the crystal, and Viola!  Colored crystals.  If you don't have the Peel Off Markers, you can use Sharpies, or any permanent marker.
 Close up of the rhinestones colored with the markers.

This opens up all kinds of possibilities.  They also work on the little pearl embellishments, on your Peel Offs and other brand metallic stickers, of course, metal embellishments, brads, eyelets, even acetate!  Now, don't even tell me that your creative juices aren't going crazy right now!!!  Mine are.

I'm off to my craft room.  Maybe I'll even be back tomorrow with more cards to share!  Enjoy your evening!


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