Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Insides of Cards

Did you ever show someone a card you had made, and watched their reaction?  What's the first thing they do?  OPEN the card...exactly!  That's why the inside of your card should be as important as the outside.  

This post is the result of a request from one of my blog followers.  She asked for ideas for finishing the insides of cards.  Sooooo, I scooped up a bunch of my stash cards (ones I had made who-knows-how long ago), and am posting them here so you can get some ideas for what to do inside.

I often like to bring some of the card's "outside" to the "inside."
In this first card, I used the same background as the outside, and distressed with the smudgy green, and kept the font the same.

 In the following card, I repeated the butterfly, and used vellum overlay to soften the inside:

I used the same checked paper, and cut out the daisy for the inside of this card., and repeated the tearing technique and colors:

Here I repeated the background, and used the same colors and tilting the paper as the outside. 

I repeated the chalk smudging technique inside this card, to make the sentiment stand out:

Here is a little tag folio/holder I made. I repeated the colors, and the stamped images on all the inside pieces, and the inside flap:

Paper is repeated, as well as font:

I had fun with colors here, and added the yellow checked paper, but brought in the daisy:

This is one of my most favorite cards I've ever done.  Perhaps it's because I love these colors together, but also, I think it's the elements and the subject.  I crumpled the inside paper and distressed it. The tag inside has vellum overlay:

I love these colors, also. Brought the yellow inside, and added some fun ribbon and turn mount:

Bringing in some of the paper that was used on the front, as well as some swirls:

Repeating papers and colors, and using tag shape for interest:

This was a fun one to do.  I cut an opening in the front of the card, then placed the sentiment inside, so that it shows through the opening of the closed card! 

So, I hope this gives you some ideas for those insides of your cards!  Remember, the first thing someone does when they look at your card, is to open it to see what's inside!  Let's keep the look and feel of your message going on the inside, too.

On a personal note, the garage sale was a success.  I still have lots of stamps, but made a small dent! I would love for someone to make me a bulk offer for all of them, so if you know someone who may be interested in about 1,000 or more stamps in one lot, please let me know!  Most are new, some gently used.

Enjoy these last summer weeks!

Blessings and peace,



  1. I always thiink about that when I see card classes of articles in magazines - nobody talks about the inside of the card! Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Fabulous post, Lynda! Love these ideas! We all seem to forget to do this. Thanks for the gentle and creative reminder! :)

  3. Lynda...
    thanks for the reminder~~~
    i always tired create the front page and forget what is in the inside. i love the snowman sooo much...i love how you created the window card!!
    the flowers card are amazing too..i wonder when can i create something simple but stunning ^_^



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