Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Stitching on your cards

There are so many cards that use stitching to enhance or embellish the design.  Most often, stitching is used as a border or frame around an image or center.  Sometimes it is actually used to attach pieces to your card.

In this sample card, I used my needlework skills to stitch two simple flowers. I started with a french knot for the center of the taller flower.  Then I made the petals with a loop stitch, secured at the tip with a stitch to hold it down.  Then, I used a running stitch to make the stem, and more loop stitches for the leaves.  I repeated for the shorter flower.  I used four strands of embroidery floss.  I did my card free-hand, although you can pencil in or stamp your design first.  I used a sharp needle, and sewed right into the card stock, but you can pierce the card first for easier sewing.

For the folded-over top piece, I stitched a long running stitch, and added a couple of beads into the stitches.  All my stitching is secured on the back of the card stock with tape.

Stamp a sentiment, and mount onto a card, and voila!  You have just made a stitched card!

Thanks for stopping by today.  It was a glorious day, with a soft breeze to keep the humidity down.  I got to enjoy a couple of hours in my neighbor's back yard, working on my computer while I dog-sat her dog, Nelson.  I was also up really early this morning, and was busy all day, so between that and the fresh air, I'm pooped!  Early to bed tonight!

Blessings and peace to you,



  1. Love the way the stitched flowers look, Lynda! Lovely card!

  2. Cute... I have to stitch on cards more I love the look it's just the time..eeek

  3. This is great, Lynda. I used to do 14ct crossstitch and embroidery. Unfortunately the eyes aren't what they used to be! This is big enough to see therefore the eyes won't be an issue. I have been using up my old embroidery floss to embellish my cards, especially bookmarks. I might have to replenish my supply of floss. THANKS


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