Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stamped Speckled Background With Soft Sponging

I'm getting ready for the snow storm we're supposed to get tonight and tomorrow.  Stocked up on some good food, and worked late today instead of tomorrow, so I can take tomorrow off and play!!  I plan to have a great "jammie day" and maybe try some fun ideas.  Hope you get a day off, too!

Anyways, here's my technique for this Tuesday.  I use this background technique a lot, and am often asked how I did it.
It's quite easy, really.  Here's how to do it:
  • Start with a white or neutral card stock.  Trim to size of the panel you will use on your card.
  • Begin applying ink to the card stock panel.  On this card, I started with the outside edges with my Tim Holtz ink applicator with light spring green ink.  Start off the paper, and using circular motions, apply ink to the edges, working in until you have the coverage desired.  I chose to leave the center white on this card.
  • Add a second (darker) application of ink closer to the edges only, if desired.
  • A stipple brush (available at most craft stores or art supply stores) may also be used, which I did use when I wanted to add some color inside the edges, such as on the rose panel.  Just dab the stipple brush into the ink, and tap it onto the card panel until you reach the desired depth of color.  Here's a link to my post about stippling http://paperartscafe.blogspot.com/2010/10/technique-tuesday-shimmering-stippled.html .
  • For the dots, or speckles, I used a rubber stamp.  I have several of these background speckled type stamps.  Just ink up the speckles and stamp them randomly on your sponged/stippled panel. On my card, I used the same green ink I did the sponging with.
  • If you want more spatter, either repeat with another color, or try spattering with a brush.  The pink teeny-tiny spatters in my card were done with a watercolor brush.  I simply dabbed my ink pad onto my craft mat (you can use any plastic surface, or even a plate). Then I spritzed with enough water to work up a little puddle.  Dip your brush into the puddles, then "flick" off the brush bristles onto your card.  Just take the wet inked brush, and tap it gently on your other hand, and the spatters will flick off onto the card.  You could also use a toothbrush for this part and run your thumb along the bristles to flick the inked water onto your card!
  • Finish your card as desired.  I stamped the rose by inking the flower with a pink brush marker, and the stems with a green marker.  Then I spritzed the stamp with a fine mist spritzer, and stamped it over my background.  I used a damp watercolor brush to "pull" the ink from the edges of the design.  
Here's a close up of the sponging and spatters:
The stamps are older Hero Arts stamps, which I still love and use often. Can't part with the oldies.  The crinkled ribbon is actually seam binding, which I dyed to match the card.   I'll show you how to make your own crinkled ribbon from seam binding on next week's Technique Tuesday.  Stop back! 

I actually made this card for a Valentine's card challenge over on the Hero Arts Blog.  I made it several days ago, but wanted to be sure the person I sent to has received her card before I posted it, in case she stopped by my blog and saw it.  Now that she has it, I can write about it.  She did ask about the background, so, Michelle, this Technique Tuesday was inspired by your curiosity!

I'd like to share the card that I received from the swap.  Dani Beckman sent me this adorable card:

Stop by and say hi to Dani at http://danibeckman.blogspot.com/

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay safe and warm in the storms we're all getting.  Stay in and craft!!




  1. Beautiful, Lynda! Love the distressed edges and ribbons!

  2. Thanks Lynda for the beautiful card! Now I know how you created the background. A lot of work and creativity went into this card.


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