Friday, February 5, 2016

Coloring Calendar - Day 4 Color Challenge

Occasionally, my mojo just likes to take a rest, and that's when I like to color in my adult coloring books.  They provide lots of stress relief, with none of the demands of having to create something on a blank sheet of card stock.  I find them very relaxing.  This year, Santa put a desk 'page a day' calendar in my stocking.  This was no ordinary desk calendar.  It has a picture to color for every day of the year.  This is the first page of the calendar (I know, it's January 1st, but I just colored it this week).  I like to skip around.  This is my project for Day 4 of The Daily Marker color challenge....
I used Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils.  I find the laying down of color and blending very soothing, and love to see the image coming alive with color as I work.

Hope you will give adult coloring books (or calendars) a try.  I happen to know that Santa got mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (with a $5 off coupon, of course). 

Happy coloring....and have a wonderful weekend.



  1. I thought about getting that calendar, but I was dubious about the paper quality. How is it? I usually like to color with alcohol markers, and they bleed a lot.

  2. Thank You for sharing your coloring for The Daily Marker 30 Day. Love all the pattern and color in her hair contrasted by her green eyes. Great job.

  3. Kirsten....I love the calendar. The paper is thin. I think markers would bleed through, so you should color it after you rip the page off for the day if using markers. I used colored pencils with no problems.


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