Monday, May 1, 2017

Zentangle For Hope

I created this tile for a fellow-tangler on the Facebook group Square One Purely Zentangle.  Lily Moon is currently facing very difficult, dark days, and Chris Titus, the group's moderator, suggested a group endeavor of creating tangles of love and peace to show Lily our support.  
I am a fan of Lily's.  She is an extremely talented and supportive contributor to the site, and has created many of her own original Zentangle patterns. 

To show support for Lily, Chris suggested that we create a tangle with a heart string, and incorporate words of encouragement and hope into the tangle.  I penciled in the words Love, Peace, Faith, and Hope.  They have been infused into the tile.  We are also using Lily's tangles in our tiles.  I have used her tangles Andromeda, Lealad, Andante, and Drogon in mine.  I added some Fengle by Marie Thomas, as well.

I pray that Lily feels the encouragement and love of this community through this joint project.  Thanks to Chris for this opportunity to tangle with intention.  



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  1. Amazing tile with lovely words! Thank you very much Lynda !


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