Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Technique Tuesday - Bleach With Black Card Stock

Using Bleach on Black or Dark Card Stock - 
Last technique in black card stock series
The black panels with the flowers on this card were done with this technique.  I took some black card stock scraps, "inked" my flower stamp using bleach, then stamped it onto the black scrap.  After dry, I cut the flowers into rectangles, layered, and added to my card.

It's easy to use bleach on your black and dark colored card stocks, and it yields a very dramatic look.  
I use a piece of Cut n' Dry for my "stamp pad."  
Put some bleach in a small bowl or container, then dab the piece of Cut n' Dry into the bleach.  
Have the pad wet with the bleach, but not dripping.  You want enough bleach to get the stamp covered with bleach, but no so much that it's dripping off the stamp.  
Dab your stamp onto the pad, or bring the pad to the stamp, then stamp the image onto your card stock. Hold the stamp down for a few seconds to enable the bleach to really get into the paper.
That's it!!!  Easy-peasy, and oh-so-fun!  
Give it a try....just be careful with the bleach...we all know what happens when bleach gets onto clothes!  Word of caution...wear something old!!  (ask me how I know).

On this card, I stamped the image with permanent black ink, then used a paint brush with bleach on it to paint out the bleach areas.  Just brush anywhere you want the color removed.
Inside of card with bleached panel
Close up of bleached flowers

This last piece is just a panel I did.  As I've been working on my bathroom (yes, STILL) all day (yep, in 90 degree heat) with my true friend Sylvia, I didn't have time to finish a card for this last piece.  But, I love the image, and the way it bleached out, so, here it is:

Close up of bleached flower
That's it for tonight, folks.  Thanks to everyone who ordered Bow-Easy's from my Etsy site.  I have only four left, so if you haven't ordered, hurry on over, or send me an email to arrange local delivery/pick up.  Here's the link to my Etsy site, Tattered Daisy http://www.etsy.com/people/TatteredDaisy?ref=si_pr .  Or email me at thestamppad@yahoo.com .  If I get enough orders, I will order more.  They take a couple of weeks to arrive when I place the order.

Now I'm off to soak in the bathtub!!!!



  1. Bleach is one of my favourite thinks to us and you have greated some wonderful art with it, enjoy your soak
    Von x

  2. You "black" series is great. I just finished checking it out. You jogged my memory about these techniques. Thanks. Your layouts are fantastic as usual.

    Thanks also for your kind comments on Ink'd Wings. Yes, it is okay to use the photo.

    I got a desktop Mac. Love it!

  3. Wow, these images or so neat with the bleach. It has been quite a while since I experimented with bleach on my cardstock, but now I think it is time to try again! Thanks for the inspiration, and I hope what you ruined with the bleach wasn't one of your favorite things to wear!

  4. Did I read it right, bleach for stamping?! The end results are stunning! Got to try it. Thanks for sharing Lynda!


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