Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Technique Tuesday - Colored Card Stock with Bleach and Marker

Embossing, Bleach, and Marker Combine to Make Unique Card
Continuing on with last week's bleach-on-black idea, I thought I'd show bleach used on a colored card stock (blue), with the addition of marker for highlight and drama.
On this card, I stamped and embossed the flower image three times with black embossing.  This is the same image, just tilted at different angles, so it looks different.

On the top flower, I applied bleach with a small paint brush on the entire flower and leaf.  Then, I simply added an outline of blue marker around the outside of the flower, and green outline around the leaf and stem.  The line of marker around the bleached-out image makes it "pop," don't you think?  It almost looks 3-D.

On the second flower, I did just the opposite.  I colored the flower and leaf with marker, then I drew an outline of bleach around the outside with a paint brush with bleach on it.  This makes the colored image more dramatic, and makes it pop, as well.

The third flower was left uncolored, and I added a few strokes of blue and green marker along the inside border of the image.  Then I bleached out the background of the square the flower is on by painting the background with a brush with bleach.
After coloring/bleaching/drying the pieces, I simply trimmed them, leaving a scant border.  Then I arranged them on my stamped background.

I love the three entirely different looks I achieved with the bleach.  Combining them on one card is fun, as well. 

That's it for tonight.  Hope you'll get out some bleach and give it a try on your cards!

Oh, and a quick note.....I will be in Florida next week from Sunday AM until Friday.  I am visiting my aunt.  There will be no Technique Tuesday.  I will post when I return.


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